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Create the ultimate home workspace

From remote work to virtual learning, you’re doing more at home than ever before. And with a new Century Complete home, you’ll have the perfect space to tailor a home work environment that fits your needs. Get inspired with these DIY home workspace tips—and find the right Century Complete home to put them to use in!
Desk inside hallway
Desk space
A well-placed desk can transform any number of spaces into hubs of productivity. Get creative with your home’s available space—and remember that desks come in all shapes and sizes. Installing a single solid surface desktop in a closet might be just what you need to replicate your office cubicle, or a T-shaped desk in a spare room might be just what your little ones need to simulate a classroom environment. The possibilities are numerous.
Work/craft table
A standalone table with storage provides a versatile space for a variety of projects, whether doing remote office work, creating a home learning environment, or working on a fun craft—perhaps all of the above!
Living Room
Shelving and wall organizers
Floor space is important, but wall space can be just as much of a gamechanger. Optimize your walls to create the perfect workspace with items like shelving, supply organizers, bulletin boards, chalk boards, dry erase boards and calendars.
Room with shelf
Room dividers
Room dividers offer an elegant solution when you need one room to serve multiple uses, allowing you to create private and dedicated work environments in different areas of the home. Designs range from decorative to purely functional, from slim panels to stately bookcases with space to store and display items, giving you plenty of options to find a room divider that suits your style and needs.
Feeling inspired?
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